Richard Seaman is a business analyst and the founder of Beacon Leadership Development. Richard was raised in Flagstaff Arizona and now lives in Kaysville, Utah with his wife of 30 years. He has 5 kids and 6 grandchildren and currently serves in the High Council. Richard loves the youth of the church and has served as Young Men’s president 6 times. Professionally, Richard is a certified executive life coach, trains leadership teams and is also a motivational speaker. He is well versed in leadership development, collaborative work group training and management consulting. In this episode Richard talks about being an intentional leader and having a vision statement in your calling.

Episode Highlights:

  • 19:15 Advice for a new Young Men’s president
  • 21:30 What can we understand about being intentional as a leader – know what your purpose is for the entire time you serve in your calling
  • 24:00 How to be intentional
  • 26:00 An example of a vision statement for a Young Men’s presidency
  • 29:00 Ward council- not making it gossip
  • 29:30 Having a meeting facilitator in ward council
  • 32:30 Ward council- dealing with facts and not gossip
  • 39:00 Being addicted to LSD- lift someone daily
  • 41:15 Be intentional with leadership activities
  • 43:30 Example of lifting someone daily- Atlanta airport
  • 48:00 Smile more
  • 49:30 Leadership is one on one


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