Mark & Lacie Sieverkropp live in Ephrata, Washington where they both grew up as non-members. Examples of LDS friends started their interest in the gospel which led to their conversion. Mark helped fellowship Lacie and they later got married after her baptism. They have now been married 9 years and have two children.

Episode Highlights:

  1. How Bishop Sieverkropp was called as bishop (11:00)
  2. Dealing with the complacency of a ward (21:20)
  3. How Lacie has taken on the role/calling of bishop’s wife (23:00)
  4. How Bishop Sieverkropp manages the Spanish group in his ward (49:20)
  5. Bishop Sieverkropp’s approach to home teaching (53:15)
  6. How has Lacie’s time serving with her husband made her a better disciple of Jesus Christ? (57:00)
  7. How has Bishop’s Sieverkropp’s time as bishop made him a better disciple of Jesus Christ? (58:00)

5 Principles of Leadership

  1. Delegate a lot, focus on doing what only I can do (25:00)
  2. Focus on individuals, connect with members 1-on-1 (31:15)
  3. Stick with the Brethren (33:50)
  4. Train, Train, TRAIN (36:15)
  5. Show appreciation (44:15)


What I Wish I’d Known Before My Mission, by John Bytheway



Quote by Andy Stanley

How do we help leaders

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