Steve Hitz has founded and led companies, and served with his wife, Ginger, as a young single adults bishop. He is a founding member of Launching Leaders Worldwide Inc. Michael Leonard is the Executive Director of Launching Leaders and has worked in higher education and Church public affairs. Launching Leaders is a faith-based nonprofit leadership program for young adults. It started as a course at BYU Hawaii and later became a book and online course.


9:00 Come alongside: learning together instead of learning in a hierarchical manner

12:00 Their mission is to empower young adult leaders, offering the course worldwide to groups of many faiths

13:30 Discussion in a group setting without hierarchy empowers young adults in applied learning, bringing enlightenment

17:00 How the course operates with interfaith groups

  • Speaking the language of young adults reaches them where they might otherwise be losing their faith
  • Religious Freedom and Business Foundation
  • Using the course in YSA wards and church schools

26:00 YSA bishoprics

  • Allow space for faith with young adults
  • Cycle of spiritual guidance

30:00 Compartmentalization and congruency: bringing the parts together and embracing your whole self

34:30 Example of reaching congruency

38:00 The formula: Get up early, work hard, get your education, make your mark, give back

  • 42:00 Developing daily mindfulness
  • 44:00 Giving back every day instead of waiting to do it as older adults

47:00 Mentorships

  • Finding and adopting their own mentors
  • Be bold to create a relationship
  • New models of mentoring
  • The Mosiah principle: Every gift comes from God

56:00 Advice for YSA bishops

58:10 How to get started using Launching Leaders or contributing to the organization


Book: Launching Leaders: An Empowering Journey for a New Generation

Steven A. Hitz

Steven A. Hitz

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard


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