I did it.

I just published a book.

I won’t tell you how long it took me to write, but let’s just say that I talked about my 5-year-old son in chapter one and he is now 9 years old.

I kept at it because I believe so deeply in the message.

Some might see the title and wonder why I didn’t write a leadership book instead.

Well, that’s because it is a leadership book.

There is nothing a church leader needs to understand more than the dynamics of shame as it is the most powerful tool the adversary uses against us in mortality.

Because shame is an attack on the identity.

And what is at the core of our theology?

Our divine identity in Christ.

As we are being invited into a path towards a new identity (on the covenant path towards the temple), the adversary is doing everything possible to decay our perceived identity.

In the simplest form, mortality is an identity battle.

Having a book like this can be a powerful resource for…

…those who feel overwhelmed by the Latter-day Saint experience.

…the individuals questioning their faith.

…the individuals struggling with pornography.

…the gay Latter-day Saint wondering where he fits in.

My book isn’t scripture, but it orients people to scripture.

It’s not written by a prophet, but it highlights the importance of prophetic words.

I am not Jesus, but I will always point people to Him through this book.

I invite you to consider getting a copy for yourself or others that come to mind.

You’ll find the message redemptive and worth sharing.


Kurt Francom
Executive Director
Leading Saints

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