Have you ever tried to small talk before extending a calling? I would
not recommend it. When an individual receives a phone call from an
secretary saying, "Would you be available to meet with the Bishop/Stake
President on Sunday?" Suddenly that person gets tunnel vision. Nothing
else matters in their life until they figure out what that priesthood
authority wants. So when you start out an interview to extend a call
with, "So how's your family doing?" you may get a very very short

Step One: Get to the point

"Hello Sister Nucallin,
thanks for
coming in. I am excited to tell you we are releasing you as Door
Greeter South and calling you as Door Greeter North. Before I give you
more details is this a calling you feel like you can accept?"

Step Two: Give them details

"Thanks for accepting
This calling will require you to be at church 20 minutes
early, bring your smile, and make sure everyone has a meeting program as
they enter. If you have any further questions of what you will be
responsible for please talk to Sister Potluck since she
is the Activities Committee Leader and is over this calling."

Step Three: Tell them when change will happen

start in an hour and we will be presenting your name for a sustaining
vote. Do you have any other questions?"

Now let's be honest,
extending a calling doesn't require a step-by-step guide but it seems
every person I have received a calling from has their own style. Some
work others keep you wondering. Please share what works
best for you in the comments.

This talk about extending callings also opens up an opportunity to
address the Law of Common Consent. During anyone's time in the church
they will find themselves in a sacrament meeting when a sustaining vote
is called. People raise their hand in unison without giving thought to
what they are actually doing. Check out the next post for further explination.

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