Jason Hewlett was born in Park City, UT and now lives in Daybreak, UT. He is a former convention performer and now spends his time as a professional keynote speaker for corporate events as well as speaking at youth fireside and mentoring other entertainers. In this episode Jason shares his journey with us from being bullied in priest quorum to having his mission president call him out the second he stepped of the plane to performing in every casino in Las Vegas. Jason share best practices for public speaking that apply to speaking in church or teaching a class.

Episode Highlights:

  • 5:33 Childhood/youth
  • 7:00 Getting bullied in priest quorum and why he kept coming back.
  • 10:40 What is your advice to leaders regarding bullying at church?
  • 11:33 Full time missionary service
  • 22:19 When and how did you decide to become an entertainer?
  • 28:00 How did you get involved in mentoring entertainers?
  • 30:27 Tell us about the book you authored.
  • 38:30 How do you prepare to speak at these corporate events?
  • 42:00 Why set a goal when you can make a promise?
  • 47:23 What advice would you give to a leader who has 10 minutes to fill at the end of a meeting?
  • 56:45 How do people contact you for a youth fireside?
  • 58:20 How has being a presenter made you a better disciple of Jesus Christ.


Jason Hewlett’s Website Jason’s Youtube Channel Hank Smith

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