In this episode we head all the way over to El Puerto de Santa Maria and interview Bishop Tony Batanero. You will find this interview inspiring as we discuss his conversion to the gospel, his service as a full time missionary in Missouri and Canada. He shares his experience of losing his mother during his mission and how that impacted his testimony. He claims that the best calling in the Church is stake executive secretary. He served in that calling for 6 years and was then called in September of 2015 as the bishop of his ward.

He also talked about the influence that leader around him have made on his own personal leadership. He has learned how to love those in his ward, how to follow the spirit, and how to show great leadership. He has a great approach to studying the handbook and why the handbook is so important in our service.

Interviews like this remind me that Church leadership is in good hands around the world. I’m very grateful for Bishop Batanero.

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