Ladean Anderson is a stake primary president in Ithica, Michigan. In this interview we discover how she approaches her calling in the unique area where she lives.

What is your typical approach on Sundays and what do you ask of your counselors? (13:30)
  • Goal is to have monthly contact with ward Primary Presidencies (call / email / text / personal visit)
How can we better support ward Primary Presidencies and help them to lead beyond week-to-week administrative tasks? (15:00)
  • You are not alone
  • Reach out to priesthood leaders and other members of your Ward Council
How the Savior and the Church provide a way for our children to be strengthened (19:12)
  • “The world will teach our children if we do not, and children are capable of learning all the world will teach them at a very young age. What we want them to know five years from now needs to be part of our conversation with them today. Teach them in every circumstance; let every dilemma, every consequence, every trial that they may face provide an opportunity to teach them how to hold on to gospel truths.” Rosemary Wixom – Stay on the Path – October 2010 General Conference
    • Nursery is taught, “I am a Child of God”
    • Junior Primary taught how to choose the right
    • Senior Priary taught how to be valiant in keeping their covenants

Be a student of Handbook 2, Chapter 3 – Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ (21:05)

  • Study in Presidency meetings.
  • Two phrases I live by in preparation and planning (21:52)
    • Preparation = Revelation
      • The introduction to Handbook 2 begins by saying, “The Lord admonished, “Let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence” (D&C 107:99). Church leaders seek personal revelation to help them learn and fulfill the duties of their callings. Studying the scriptures and the teachings of latter-day prophets will help leaders understand and fulfill their duties. The Lord has admonished leaders to treasure up in their minds continually the words of God so they will be receptive to the influence of the Spirit (see D&C 84:85).Leaders also learn their duties by studying the instructions in Church handbooks. These instructions can facilitate revelation if they are used to provide an understanding of principles, policies, and procedures to apply while seeking the guidance of the Spirit.”
      • “It might be wise to look at the handbooks and even the scriptures not as checklists or detailed scripts, but rather as opportunities to prepare our minds and hearts to receive divine inspiration for our responsibilities” President Deiter F. Uchtdorf – Worldwide Leadership Training 2012
    • Planning = Flexibility (24:21)
      • “Do not guild the lily” – Uchtdorf – October 2015
      • Keep things simple
      • Plan it, then wing it. Do not be frustrated when it doesn’t go as planned. If you are planning with the Spirit nothing else will matter and the outcome will be as it should be.

Perspectives on Primary Programs (32:51)

  • Every Primary Program is different, and every Primary Program is wonderful.
  • use the words of the children from their Primary talks throughout the year to build the script.
How has serving made you a better disciple of Jesus Christ? (28:55)
  • Disciple, Atonement and Teacher
  • “All Church leaders are called to help other people become “true followers of … Jesus Christ” (Moroni7:48). To do this, leaders first strive to be the Savior’s faithful disciples, living each day so that they can return to live in God’s presence. Then they can help others develop strong testimonies and draw nearer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ” Handbook 2, 3.1
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