Brandt Malone is a current Young Men’s president who was recently released from serving as ward clerk. He lives in Michigan with his family and is the host of the Mormon News Report podcast. In this episode Brandt discusses how to lighten the load of the bishop as a ward clerk.

  • 12:45 Who is Brandt Malone?
  • 20:00 Ward clerk calling
  • 22:30 Demographic of ward in Michigan
  • 31:00 Ward clerk and Executive secretary working as the 3rd and 4th counselor to the bishop.
  • 34:00 Disagreeing with the bishop
  • 37:00 Bishopric meeting being a safe environment
  • 40:00 Confident leaders are confident with other leaders that see things differently.
  • 40:50 5 leadership principles- #1 There’s always work to do.
  • 43:00 Keeping balance
  • 44:00 Technology makes callings easier.
  • 45:45 Starting out as ward clerk
  • 47:30 #2- Don’t expect hand holding.
  • 50:00 Unknown records tips- find your own system.
  • 51:15 #3- Always offer to help.
  • 56:00 #4- Respect the bishop’s time- don’t expect him to micromanage you.
  • 1:00:39 Relationships matter.
  • 106:00 Be an active not a passive ward clerk

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