Angie Young is a mother of 3 young girls and serves as a Young Women President, just outside of Ogden in Clinton, Utah. She was married in the Salt Lake Temple to her husband that she met online.  When asked what makes her a unique Mormon, she says, “Her time away from the church in her early youth, gives her a unique perspective on the gospel.”  She currently works from home in addition to being a mom, and has makeup line called, “Younique.”

5 Key Leadership Principles

  • You gotta have love (11:25)
    • Overcomes  the challenge of having a large group of children
  • Know their story (11:55)
    • When you know about them it’s easier to love them and apply them to the program.
    • Love them through their challenges
    • 13:15 use social media to contact them
      • Anytime you know of something to encourage or support them
    • 14:16 Be with them, be true and connected with them in the minute.
  • Getting to know you activity (15:08)
    • Write numbers on a beach ball then play music.  When the music stops, which ever number your right thumb is closest to it corresponds with a question.  The girl with the ball answers the question along with anyone else who would like to.  Quirky questions are the best.  An example is, “If your life was a book, what would the title be?”
    • Making Fudge in ziplock bags.
  • Do as I do (17:33)
    • Never ask the girls to do something you won’t do yourself.  An example of this is a service project at girls camp.
    • “In the middle, hands on leader.”
    • 18:48 Bubblegum pink cowboy outfit
  • Feelings (20:40)
    • “It doesn’t matter if the girls like me or if they don’t, it only matters how they feel around me.”
    • My goals it to have them feel the spirit, to feel important, and to feel like they matter. (21:40)
  • It takes a village (22:25)
    • As a leadership team, together we have everything we need.
    • Recognize unique talents in each other.
    • Presidency meets every other week and once a month with the class advisers and personal progress specialist
    • Meet at around the circle table to talk.
  • Working with the Bishop (28:55)
    • They have always had her back and trusts her.


A big thanks to Buster Summerhays for writing up this summary.

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