anti-pornography-softwareNetNanny is one of the leading software developers in the fight for protecting families from the harmful affects of pornography. NetNanny is part of ControlWatch which is a pioneer in the industry and has more than a million customers world-wide. They have won countless awards because of their work in protecting families and businesses from the evils of pornography.

I got the chance to sit down with Clayton Oslter who is the Senior Director of Technology at NetNanny and interview him for the Leading Saints podcast. He is the Young Men’s President in his Salt Lake ward and also sits on the board of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography.

We discuss some of the following topics:

  • Obstacles that 2015 technology presents in order to filter pornographic content.
  • How NetNanny works to enable parents to protect all devices in a home.
  • Why the family computer is no longer where the big temptation lies.
  • How to effectively protect accessing negative content on a smartphone.

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