In this episode we hear from Trent Lee in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has rich experience as an instructor, teaching Gospel Doctrine, early morning seminary, ward mission leader, and currently serves on his stake’s high council.

We start off the interview by sharing both of our personal experiences of with Elder Oaks and how that influenced us as leaders.

Trent’s Leadership Principles:

  1. What I learned from Elder Nash
  2. Presidency meetings
  3. Monthly home teaching PPI’s
  4. How and what to report for home teaching numbers
  5. Family mission plan

Elder Bednar Quote About Alma:

“You will be called President by all the people in the stake and that’s appropriate. But I never want you to hear the word ‘President.’ Every single time someone calls you ‘President’ I want you to think of Alma. You read Mosiah 23 through Alma 40 and you become Alma. You’re not running an organization here. You are Alma. And as you begin to organize this new stake, I don’t want you to just fill up the boxes; don’t just call a new stake Relief Society president, don’t just call a new Young Women’s president. You get real clear about the priesthood work. You need help from the Relief Society and the Young Women and others, and you be real clear about what that is and you can’t be clear if you haven’t figured it out for yourself. In fact, don’t you call any stake auxiliaries until you, President Alma, are clear about the priesthood work you need help with.” I said, “And by the way, you only have one task, Alma. Shepherd people to the temple. that’s it. You’re Alma. Shepherd people to the temple, that’s it.” (“A Conversation On Leadership”, February 24, 2010)


Download Trent Lee’s Agenda Template Here

Increase Home Teaching by 20%


Doctrine & Covenants 43:8

Leading Saints also interviewed Trent’s wife

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