Jim Hastings is a bishop in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife have been married 23 years and have five children. About three years ago during the time he was serving as bishop, his 19-year-old daughter, Zoe, was kidnapped and murdered. In this interview, he talks about that experience and other experiences dealing with grief and tragedy as a bishop.


5:40 Personal background 7:30 Calling as a bishop 10:30 About his daughter, Zoe 14:10 Narrative of his experience with Zoe’s abduction and murder 20:20 Personal reactions through the experience 26:00 The days after 28:35 Previous experience with losing his dad and coming to terms with death 30:30 How he handled the emotional trauma; support and therapy experience 34:30 Support needs from neighbors and ward members 39:00 Forgiveness in a situation like this 44:40 Serving as bishop during this experience 49:35 Gratitude for the tools he was given to handle the experience 52:15 Approaching individuals experiencing trials 54:20 Using a bishop’s checklist for funerals to support and help the family left behind 1:00:00 The Savior can help us make connections between past experience and preparation for future experiences


Troy and John Interview Bishop’s checklist for helping with funerals

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