Do you remember the first month you were called as a bishop? Trying to get organized. Trying to learn names. Trying to figure out how to lead. Here is the first episode of many that will feature short clips of past and current bishops sharing their go-to advice for new bishops.

Contribute Your Own WIWIK Experience

In an effort to help other bishops gain some quick leadership experience on day 1, we are organizing future podcast episodes that will feature many current and past bishops sharing what they wish they knew before they were called as bishop.

You will only have 5 minutes to record so write some thoughts on a paper and then record!

How to record:

  1. Click the green button below
  2. Answer the following question in less than 5 minutes:
    • What do you wish you knew before you were elders quorum president?
    • Start your answer with “Before I was elders quorum president I wish I knew…”
  3. Stop recording
  4. Listen to recording and record again if you would like
  5. Enter name and email
  6. Submit recording by clicking “send”

The transcript for this episode will be available in a few days.

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