On a scale from 1 to 10 how well does your ward members know each other?

During a 3rd hour 5th Sunday lesson we had a short activity that was quite telling. As the bishop, I allowed everyone to settle into their chairs where ever they wished. Many sat by friends or spouses, others found any available seat. During the lesson I randomly seated everyone into groups of four. I then had each person rate on a scale from 1-10 how well they knew the other three people in their group (1 = just met, 10 = BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!). I then asked the group to add up and find the average rating between the four group members. We then wrote down each average on the board and then took the average of the entire room.

My ward is generally friendly so I anticipated the average to be 5 or 6. I was shocked when the average came out as 2.5. Two point five!?!? We then discussed ways to improve that average.

Imagine if the fellowship average was a strong 8 or 9. Think of what a new member of the ward would experience as they walked into the chapel for the first time? They would never want to leave or they would for sure look forward to attending the following week.

Is a 9 or 10 possible? I think so. If not, it is worth trying for.

I challenge you to put your elders quorum or Relief Society through this experiment. Post your findings below. If you are above 7 I want to visit your ward and see what you are doing right.

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