This past weekend I found myself sitting on an airplane after spending a week in New York City. I reflected back on my busy week that included various activities around the city with my wife. As I sat with the small chaos happening around me I felt as if I needed a spiritual moment. I took out my mp3 player and pulled up a talk from the latest October Conference. It was a talk by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. As I mentally left the airplane choas and listened to his voice I was amazed by the instant spirit it invited. It wasn’t the message or the context but the tone and sound of his voice. A voice of a servant of God. It touched me because I had listened to his teaching so many other times and felt the spirit before.

This experience made me wonder what it takes to be a THAT leader. Where  the simple sound of your voice invites the spirit and reminds those that follow that THIS leader loves and cares for them. That THIS leader has faith in Jesus Christ.That THIS leader has taken the time to clearly express their love for those he leads.

This doesn’t happen by simply turning the time over to the instructor each Sunday. Or by simply going through the motions with each assignment. When you become the leader that always takes a moment to testify, to share a spiritual experience, or to express love for the individual, you then become the leader that fills hearts with the spirit by simply speaking.

Are you THAT leader?

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