From time to time church leaders will counsel with someone in their flock that has concerns and confusion related to how science relates to the Book of Mormon; more specifically how DNA relates to the people talked about in the Book of Mormon.

It would be beneficial for all leaders to listen to this podcast interview and also review the links below. This will help leaders to have more confidence when counseling with someone that is having a faith struggle because of a scientific perspectives.

Dr. Ugo Perego is currently Director of the Rome Italy LDS Institute. He is a Population Geneticist and has consulted with the LDS Church related to the Book of Mormon and DNA. He contributed to the research mentioned in the Church’s Essay about this topic. Dr. Perego is also a bishop in Rome, Italy.


Bishop Perego and his wife, Jenna


Book of Mormon & DNA Studies Essay

Joseph Smith DNA Research

Elder M. Russell Ballard CES Talk

Foundations of the Restoration Manual

Pathway Program

A Reason for Faith Book

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