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Kim Partridge is originally from West Valley City, Utah, and has lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 20 years. She is a nurse and a life coach for teenage girls, has served as a Young Women’s President, and currently serves in her stake Young Women’s presidency. Kim and her husband are the parents of four children.


7:40 Young Women are all about relationships
9:50 Conflicts within relationships can play out in the church setting

  • 12:00 Micromanaging relationships seldom works out well; story of two Laurels
  • 17:30 Story of young woman whose grandmother asked that they invite her into Young Women’s: grandma was angry that she hadn’t been welcomed like she wanted
  • 23:40 Everyone cannot always have a fantastic time

24:30 She learned that she needed to know what the young women wanted

  • 25:00 They wanted to do activities similar to what the young men were doing
  • 26:45 Target shooting at her first girl’s camp
  • 29:00 Goal to connect with the young women at camp
  • 33:20 Expectation that they will tell her what they want: get interested/pay attention to the clues

36:00 She encourages fun with everything but also balances that with the spiritual aspects
38:15 Admit when you make a mistake: left someone behind
42:00 Making sure the youth are handling their goals without the adults always pushing

  • 45:00 Go back to the basics, help them recognize what they want, and know that they are developing a relationship with Jesus Christ

49:00 Request for a change from physical challenges to an embroidery challenge
51:45 Grand Canyon activity: what the girls learned while doing a hard thing
59:35 Leading young women has developed her relationship with the Savior


Kim Partridge, Teen Girls Coach

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