Join Us Starting April 22, 2017

I wanted to invite all the podcast listeners to join me starting this Saturday, April 22, for the free session of the Motivating the Minister Virtual Summit.

We are all leaders, but do we know how to motivate? At Leading Saints the number one question we receive from elders quorum presidents, relief society presidents, or any leader called to serve is, how can I motivate those I lead? They won’t home teach, they won’t do family history, they won’t share the gospel, they won’t even bake a casserole for the sick neighbor down the street. How can leaders motivate those they lead to accomplish the goals that are set before us?

Thank goodness this big question is being answered during a virtual online summit called, Motivating the Minister: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Home/Visiting Teachers. Leading Saints has gathered some of the sharpest mind on motivation: Brad Wilcox, Paul Gustavson, DeAnna Murphy, Scott Newman, Steve Shallenberger, and more. Over 8 hours of content! These leadership experts will all instruct us on building the skillset to be leaders that motivate. Join us starting April 22 when the keynote session will be free for 7 days. To attend you need to visit and put your name on the list. Let’s start a journey together to become leaders that can motivate!

Click HERE for details.

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