Trena Anderson and the DFCU Foundation

3:10 Deseret First Credit Union started in 1955 by a Church employee to serve his fellow employees
4:30 Formation of the credit union’s charitable organization, the DFCU Foundation
6:00 The foundation takes referrals for missionaries to help
7:10 Story of refugee twins in Buffalo, New York, who joined the Church and eventually decided to serve missions (video clips of stories available on the website)
9:10 The foundation helps outfit missionaries as they prepare to serve, whereas the Church’s general mission fund helps with the monthly stipend
10:50 Donors can also help specific missionaries
11:40 Upcoming annual golf tournament at Stonebridge Golf Course in Salt Lake City, July 30th
13:20 Go to for more information, to make a donation, or to register for the golf tournament

Barry Rellaford

Barry Rellaford is a globally sought-after leadership development expert with over 30 years of experience as a coach, facilitator and leader in multiple organizations. He teaches in the Business department at Brigham Young University, and previously worked with Stephen M. R. Covey in developing FranklinCovey’s “Leading at the SPEED of TRUST” program. He has a Master’s degree in Labor and Human Resources from Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from BYU’s Marriott School of Management. Barry is the bishop of a young single adults ward in Provo, Utah. He and his wife, Lorilee, are the parents of six children.


00:30 Grew up in Paradise, California, which burned in the 2018 Camp Fire, California’s deadliest, most destructive wildfire
17:10 Joined the Church while in high school
18:20 Kept a journal of his thoughts and experiences from that time
19:30 Served a mission to France
20:25 Developed a career in the leadership development field, seeking to help individuals grow, and desired to be a teacher
23:00 Transitioned his desire to teach into being a leadership coach, and ended up with FranklinCovey
24:35 Currently serving at a Young Single Adult ward in Provo, Utah
25:15 His experience with the Camp Fire
26:15 Sought to help the residents of Paradise with a service project focused on travel trailers and RVs for temporary housing, along with other donations
28:30 Told his story on Facebook and the project took off
30:45 We are hard-wired for story
32:30 Housing quickly became a serious problem with the displaced residents from the fire
35:00 Our church leaders are telling a positive story of faith, despite the negative stories we see all around us in the world
41:40 The Church in northern California has been involved with many organizations in the disaster recovery efforts
42:30 If we are faithful and strive to be obedient, the promise is there
46:10 Taking the first trailers to California
48:30 Returning to Paradise this spring was more positive
51:20 Our purpose as people has been revealed, both in general and specifically for each of us
51:50 GPS: We have gifts, passions, and situations

  • The Strength of Ten: Talents, time, and treasure, energy and experience, a network and know-how

42:15 Overwhelmed when first called as a YSA bishop
57:00 In our leadership callings, we need to discern why the Lord has called us
57:30 Being purposefully engaged in the work

  • Figure out what your talents are
  • Go meet your neighbors and minister to them
  • Helping others see themselves as God sees them, and to see their future differently

59:25 Faith and vision: “Live out of imagination, not memory.”—Steven R. Covey
1:00:15 Faith is a principle of action: Elder Bednar’s teaching to “go, and then you’ll know”
1:01:20 His experience choosing to go to BYU and the eventual confirmation that he made the right choice
1:04:00 Sometimes we optimize too much, getting hung up on seeking the absolute best in everything instead of simply doing something good first (“Good enough, press on”)

  • 1:07:15 If you are living right, the Lord will not let you make a decision in the wrong way

1:08:35 YSA wards exist to offer more leadership opportunities and to prepare members for the covenant path with someone else
1:10:45 President Kimball talk, Jesus the Perfect Leader
1:12:30 Be open and receptive to revelation, capture ideas that come, distill them, and act


Deseret First Credit Union Foundation
Barry’s Paradise Camp Fire trailers story
Church News Beauty for Ashes video
North State Relief
Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association

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