Paul Jenkins is a positivity psychologist, author, and speaker. He has written three books, gives keynotes and trainings on positivity and related topics, produces a weekly podcast called Live On Purpose Radio, and sees individual clients at his office in a positive psychology counseling setting. He is also a former bishop (twice). In this episode, Paul gives advice from the perspective of a counselor to ecclesiastical leaders.

Episode Summary

4:15 Men are that they might have joy—positive psychology
7:20 Approach to depression
8:30 Helping members with addiction, as a bishop
13:50 Podcast—Live On Purpose
15:00 Labeling people instead of looking at them as a child of God
16:00 Serving multiple roles as a bishop/ecclesiastical leader
18:00 Take care of yourself first
20:00 Put competent people in positions of power and get out of their way
22:30 Practice receiving any information as a bishop as if it’s the news report
26:45 Using members’ talents in the ward as part of the bishop’s storehouse
31:45 Enhancing communication between a bishop and a counselor
35:55 A bishop’s role to help those with problems progress from appointment to appointment
38:00 What to do if the leader is taking more of the burden than the member
44:00 How do we live on purpose?


Pathological Positivity by Dr. Paul Jenkins

Falling to Heaven, by James Ferrell

Dr. Paul Jenkins Website

Dr. Paul Jenkins Podcast

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