Liz Wiseman, is first, a loving mother and an incredible saint in the gospel. She’s a Brigham Young University graduate, lives in Silicon Valley and has experience as an executive at Oracle Corporation. That career led her into leadership research and now teaches leadership to executives and emerging leaders internationally.

I have been looking forward to getting Liz on the podcast. She has been extremely charitable to me with her time and guidance as I have built Leading Saints. I contacted her years ago and explained my vision of Leading Saints. Even as a best-selling author she still took the time to coach me over the phone and has deeply influenced what Leading Saints is today. I had the opportunity to attend a training Liz did in the California Fresno Mission a few years back when President Larry Gelwix presided over that mission. It was an incredible experience and I learned so much from her at that time.

In this interview Sister Wiseman gives priceless advice for LDS leaders regarding that following question:

How can you allow others to drop the ball and succeed as a leader?
How can a leader hold others accountable?
What is genius watching and how can an LDS leader us it?
How can bishoprics improve ward council?

I look forward to having Sister Liz Wiseman back on the podcast in the future. There was just too many questions to ask with so limited of time. Go buy her books and follow her impact.

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