Meetings. It's what we do in this church. Especially in leadership. I
often wonder if the only reason we have meetings is so people in the
meetings feel important. Meetings could be cut in half with twice as
much getting done. It's just a matter of getting away from doing it as
it has always been done. This is where the traditions of church meetings
slow progress at times. We have a tradition of solving problems by
getting everyone in a room and then hammering out a solution….or at
least trying to. But typically all that happens is discussion about
issues and then assignments are given out. "You call them, and then I
will call him, and then we can meet up together in a week and talk
about what they said and then I'll tell you what he said and then we can
figure out what to do with her."

There is a lot to be said on this topic, (of which I will address at
a later date, and of which I want to hear from you) but for now I want
to give you an awesome tip that I have been using as a High Priest Group
Leader that has saved hours of time and many phone calls. It's a little
thing called Google Docs. I am sure many out there
already use Google
Docs in school or business. The best thing about Google Docs is the
capacity to share documents and spreadsheets with others. If you change
something on a spreadsheet everyone else (counselors, assistants) sees
the change happen in real time.  I don't want to spend time on the
logistics of Google Docs but mainly paint the picture of how I use it
for collecting home teaching numbers. 

I create a spreadsheet in Google Docs that I share with those in my group leadership. Each month gets its own tab. I adjust the new months spreadsheet to reflect the
current home teaching routes. As my assistants and myself gather
information as the month goes on we aren't bothered with calling each
other to relay the information. We simply gather the information and
enter it into the spreadsheet online and it is current for everyone
without a phone call made.

Obviously, Google Docs isn't limited to home teaching. It can be used to
correlate any information. Even my bishop and I use it to correlate
information. Check it out and please share other ways of using Google
Docs in church correlation.

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