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I am often asked where people can find a list of books that all Latter-day Saint leaders should read.

So, I’ve gone back to my library and looked at all the books I have read and made a list of recommendations.

I created a page at that lists all these books and I hope to keep it updated.

I’ve organized the list into specific categories and ranked them in the order I would recommend people read them in that category.

One book on this list is not better than another.

They are brilliant in their own way.

Some books are mentioned in multiple categories.

And, of course, it goes without saying that canonized scriptures and words from living prophets are always recommended resources even though they are not listed here.

Personal Development – These are books I would recommend to leaders who are simply trying to become more well-rounded in their approach to life which would naturally lead to them improving their leadership capacity.

Leading an Organization – These are books I would recommend for leaders who are striving to improve their ability to lead a group or organization. Some are more helpful for specific leadership roles.

Repentance & Engaging in the Gospel – These are books I would recommend to anyone who is looking to engage more deeply in the gospel of Jesus Christ (that’s just another way of saying repentance). All leaders should read these books but they should also consider recommending them to individuals they lead who are struggling to engage in the gospel (or, in other words, who are struggling to repent). Their focus is diverse; some are focused on helping people overcome pornography, while others are focused on helping individuals who are questioning their faith.

I am forgetting some books, so let me know what books you would add to the list.

See the full book list at

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