Joseph Dixon attended the University of Utah and has worked in the engineering field in management most of his career. Opportunities to travel throughout the world have allowed Joseph to meet many saints in many different countries. In the Church he has served in three bishoprics as counselor, as an elders quorum president, assistant high priest group leader, Young Men president and counselor, ward mission leader, family history leader and consultant, as a missionary in the Florida Ft Lauderdale Mission, a family history missionary working with stake leaders, a stake seminary teacher for 15 years, a temple worker, and now as Sunday School president in his North Salt Lake ward.


2:20 Introduction to Joseph Dixon

6:15 Ward dynamics and how that affects Joseph’s calling as Sunday School president

8:30 What do people want out of Sunday School?

13:30 Joseph’s tips to new teachers

15:30 Don’t cover it all. Look for one or two principles and have a discussion with your students.

16:50 At school, students are getting their heads filled with facts and information. At church we want our students to be getting their hearts filled with the spirit and the understanding that the Savior is on their side 100% of the time.

20:30 How Joseph does teacher councils. His tips and advice for these councils.

  • Start by talking about issues that have come up
  • Second part of the meeting is pulling out a principle from Teaching the Savior’s Way
  • Last 10-15 minutes of class talk about how to apply the principle you are talking about

27:00 Teaching starts in the home. Constant discussion in the home is very important. Encourage students to take what they have learned and go home and teach their mom and dad about it.

29:20 Working with counselors

31:30 Allowing opposite thoughts and diverse ideas

32:30 Vietnam story

35:40 Final thoughts and testimony


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