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I want to show you a leadership hack, and it has to do with my scriptures. You see, I want to be that leader that has that perfect verse of scriptures in the perfect moment when that person needs to hear it and it saves the day. The problem is, I am not a scriptorian, like seriously, I hate memorizing. Sometimes it feels like I have forgotten every scripture I have ever read. Plus the scriptures are heavy!

So let me share with you a few tips and tricks that I have done to make it easier to lug around those scriptures and also to find that perfect verse in the moment you need it. So these are my scriptures here, now this is a quad, it has all the standard works in it but it is quite thin. Here are my wife’s scriptures and you can see there is quite a difference in how thick they are. I went to the distribution center and you have been there and seen that table where they have all the reject scriptures, maybe somebody miss-spelled their name on the scriptures. So I went over there and got a fantastic quad brand new. The problem is it had the wrong name on it and it was spelled wrong. But that didn’t matter because I was taking these scriptures to a bindery to get them rebound so they could remove all the indexes and topical guides. Now it’s not that I don’t need the topics guide or the indexes. But I knew that I had my smart phone by my side I could always use the topic guides there if I was looking for specific subjects or during my scripture study. So I took my brnad new reject scriptures into a local bindery and asked them to rebind them without the indexes and they added a great black leather binding and put my name on the spine and here they are ready to go. It is so much lighter to lug around on Sunday’s and I always have them by my side and I don’t mind.

So how do I remember that perfect scripture in the perfect moment? This is a trick I used a lot when I was a bishop and certain topics would always come up and it was up to me to find that right scriptures. I would always go back to these similar scriptures but I sometimes couldn’t remember where they were and didn’t want to take the time out of the appointment to sit there and look through my scriptures for a few minutes until I found it. So inside my scriptures I have these printed notes that during my personal scripture study if I find a scripture around a perfect subject or topic that I want to refer to again I go and open this document on my computer and type in the scripture. Now, every few months as I update scriptures I print off this note sheet from my computer, cut off the borders, and glue it into my scriptures. Now it is important that you use the right type of glue because you are going to be removing these notes and putting in new ones, you don’t want that gross sticky residue. I use this repositionable Elmer’s glue stick and it is fantastic! You can get it at any Walmart or general store, or Amazon. So I can remove my notes and put in new ones as many times as I would like and it doesn’t ruin my scriptures. It’s been great! Every time I am looking for that right scriptures, it takes me about 15 seconds at most to look at my notes, go to the subject, and look at the scriptures I have noted below. It’s a fantastic way to look like a really smart leader.

I’d love to know what scriptures hacks you use as a leader to make sure you are keeping on top of your scripture knowledge and having the right scripture at the right time for those you lead.


For those in the Salt Lake City area, THIS IS THE BINDERY I used to rebind my scriptures. They did a great job!

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