Derek Cullimore is from Orem, Utah. Served a full-time mission in New Jersey, USA. I know him very well because we served in a bishopric together, he was my bishop when I served as high priest group leader, and then I was later called to replace him as bishop when he was put in the stake presidency. He has always been a fantastic mentor to me and taught me many things that have shaped my leadership style.

With my recent call to the stake presidency, he has again become a mentor I have called on because he experienced a similar transition from bishop to stake presidency. Since the calling of bishop is such a ministering calling that gives one the opportunity to work so closely with individuals going through life changing experiences, it is a difficult calling to transition away from. This is even more the case when one transitions to a stake presidency that is heavily administering by nature.

In this episode, Derek shares from his experience how he learned to fill his own spiritual cup when so much administering was demanded of him in the stake presidency. He loved his time as bishop because it gave him so many opportunities to fill his own cup while he was helping others fill their own spiritual cup. Personally, this discussion was very helpful for me and I know that any leader will gain a better perspective to help you remain spiritually strong when you get lost in the administration of your calling.


President Derek Cullimore & Bishop Kurt Francom

The day I replaced him as bishop in 2011.

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