Jessica Mortensen and her family live in Meridian, Idaho just west of Boise. She is married and has 4 children between the ages of 13 and 7.

Jessica has been serving as the Primary President for the past 2 years in her ward that has about 80 primary children. Her previous callings include, among others, Wolf Den Leader, Ma for Trek, Counselor and Secretary in Primary. In this conversation Jessica talks about serving as a Primary President and the many roles that entails. From planning the annual primary program to supporting those that serve in nursery, the teachers and the primary chorister, she explains how she works to strengthen and support those that serve in the primary and most importantly how to strengthen and support the primary children to help them nourish and develop their testimonies.

As a bonus, we learn how bubbles and ribbons can be a nursery leader’s best friend.

Leadership principles:

  1. Teach the primary children about the Holy Ghost and help them recognize it’s presence on a daily basis
  2. Attend the temple
  3. Create unity with primary workers
  4. Keep raising the bar for the children
  5. Be in the children’s home, look for them in their school, show them love
  6. Be active in the ward council
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