In this episode of How I Lead we interview Brad Lammi–a ward mission leader, former elder’s quorum president. The ward mission can be as daunting as any other leadership assignment, especially in this time of the church when we are encouraged to “hasten the work” and make missionary work one of the primary focuses of a ward.
Brad has a unique approach to involving the auxiliaries of the ward and also uses an effective tracking system to help him be aware of those that need ward missionary support.

We also talk about Brad’s 5 keys to leadership

  1. Leading is loving individuals as they are, what they can be, and who they are in the grand scheme of things. (Or in the sight of the Lord.)
  2. Serving means loving first.
  3. Help inspire others by expressing faith in them and the learning process. Help others feel their worth.
  4. When you feel you should say something, first listen, then listen again.
  5. When someone asks for advice, instead of telling them giving them an answer, ask probing questions, and teach principles and precepts. Remember that not all questions asked should be answered.
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