Kari Roppe lives in the Twin Cities area, in a lake cabin destination area in Wisconsin. She grew up in Provo, Utah, moved to Minneapolis as a young adult, and became inactive in the Church for many years. She is an elementary school teacher, the single parent of three children, and was called unexpectedly as a stake Young Women president.


6:40 Kari’s experience coming back to the Church after years of inactivity
10:30 Served in Primary, Relief Society, and as gospel doctrine teacher before being called to the ward Young Women presidency
11:30 YW camp testimony meeting with stake presidency attending
13:00 Stake Young Women president calling
14:00 Called even though she was a single, working parent of teenagers
15:15 Choosing her counselors—including her own sister

Leadership principles

  1. 17:45 Surround yourself with people who know more than you
    • 19:30 The Lord calls presidencies, not individuals
    • 20:30 Formal meetings didn’t work for her, but they communicated well
  2. 22:25 Be willing to go offroading a bit
    • 23:00 Using Dr. Seuss as a theme for young women
  3. 26:00 Make sure that you don’t check your sense of humor at the door
    • 26:30 Twilight-themed skit at YW camp helped them be more approachable
  4. 28:35 Always have the needs of those you serve first and foremost

30:00 Her stake president gave them freedom but one directive to always provide three things for the youth:

  • Service
  • 32:35 Fun
  • 33:50 A spiritual experience

36:30 Mourning “my girls” after serving
38:40 We love those we serve and begin to feel the love the Lord has for his children

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