Joe Staples is the Chief Marketing Officer at Motivosity. His entire professional career has been in the technology sector with the last 20 years being in marketing executive positions. Joe grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints right after his high school graduation. He attended Brigham Young University and says that if you ever want to have a lot of friends, register as a non-member at BYU. Joe and his wife are the parents of five children and 16 grandchildren. He has served as a bishop in Seattle and is currently serving as the Stake President of the Sandy Utah Willow Creek Stake.


05:30 – Friends got him interested in Church. 17-18 years old is a common age for people to join the Church. Friends asked him a couple of times before he listened to the missionaries.
08:00 – Used to sneak into MTC prior to his mission just to listen to the devotionals
08:50 – Served a full-time mission to Brazil after spending 4 ½ months in MTC and then 4 months in the Boston mission before finally getting his visa for Brazil
09:45 – Experience of being called as Stake President 18 months ago
10:55 – Advice for incoming leaders
17:00 – APPRECIATION FOR OTHERS AND GIVING THANKS –As leaders we have the ability to help members feel appreciated for all they do.
18:45 – Getting past the appreciative clichés so that members feel leaders’ sincerity in appreciation
20:10 – Most people want feedback; we’re all somewhat blind to our blindspots
21:45 – Is there a point where we have to be concerned with too much appreciation?
24:55 – Knowing one truth is a connection to other truths – encourage people to ask questions, but also to have and cultivate a believing heart.
26:30 – As a leader you have to be empathetic. Everyone’s faith journeys are different.
27:20 – JUST GO HELP PEOPLE – No need to wait for the assignment, just be about doing good
30:15 – START WITH THE END IN MIND – What do I want to accomplish in this calling?
29:46 – THE VALUE OF COUNSELORS – invaluable when used properly
31:15 – Conversation with his counselor – What do you think your role entails?
32:00 – The Amulek Concept: Being the Second Witness
33:10 – Presidency survival trip – develop a greater love for one another and to faithfully rely upon each other
36:00 – HUMANIZE LEADERS – Allow members to see your imperfections – be vulnerable and relatable to allow you to be approachable
38:00 – What does this look like? It’s how you talk with and get to know people. Be deliberate.
40:00 – Biggest lesson learned as SP: Never get between the member and Holy Ghost and their growth with personal revelation.
42:00 – Blessing of being a Church leader: Becoming a better disciple of Jesus Christ and helping others do the same.

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