Melanie Wellman Stroud hosts the popular podcast Come Follow Me for Us. She served in both the Kobe and Tokyo South missions and graduated with a degree in Special Education from Brigham Young University. She has served in numerous church callings including Relief Society president, Young Women president, stake Young Women president, Gospel Doctrine teacher, and her favorite: nursery leader. Melanie currently resides in Surprise, Arizona.


4:45 Melanie explains why her podcast is different from the other Come Follow Me podcasts. Her podcast is more about practical application, for the everyday person trying to apply the scriptures to their lives.

6:15 Advice and tips for studying Come Follow Me.

8:15 Melanie relates her experience getting called as the Relief Society President.

10:50 Melanie’s first principle of leadership: The importance of delegation. It’s not always easy to ask others for help but it’s very important not to get burned out.

13:50 Second principle of leadership: Ditch the fluff. Focus on needs first. Forget the tablecloths or decorations.

15:30 Third principle of leadership: Use the materials that you are given. Stick to the manual. Look closely at the questions asked. People spend way too much time on things that aren’t going to get you to heaven.

18:30 Tips on teaching a General Conference talk in Relief Society.

21:15 The fourth principle: Use the Book of Mormon as much as you can. When the Church began all they had was the Book of Mormon. They didn’t have any fancy manuals. Don’t let Come Follow Me take the place of the Book of Mormon in your studies.

27:45 Melanie gives her advice on how to connect with the youth. Bond through having fun together and through spiritual discussions.


Come Follow Me for Us
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