Brigette Heller was born in Alaska and raised all over the Western United States. She is a life coach and speaker, and is determined to share life-changing mindset techniques using radical motivation to women in her Strong and Capable community. Brigette and her sister also own Deco-Crate Event Design, an event planning business. She has served in a variety of church leadership positions, including as a young Relief Society president. Brigette and her husband Mike are the parents of three children and live in Phoenix, Arizona.


3:00 Her calling as a young Relief Society president in a large, established ward
5:30 A comment from a luncheon and her choice to be dedicated and supportive anyway
7:10 Authenticity in loving and supportive people is what matters

  • Alma 31:5 Try the virtue of the word of God instead of treats and handouts
  • Let people know when you are struggling
  • Delegate to others
  • 10:25 Let go of more to have more

14:00 Successful leaders need empathy

  • 18:45 Lawn example: sitting with someone instead of instructing them

20:20 Communication

  • It has to be done in every way possible, and determine what works best for your people
  • Communication is consideration
  • Commit to living by your system

25:30 Paint the vision

  • Finding the inspiration to bring hope of what could be
  • Ask the Lord what vision He wants you to paint
  • 27:20 Created a “journey journal” that tied in with lessons and activities
  • 30:15 A lot of people have not been taught how to seek personal revelation through General conference
  • Finding beauty in the journey

33:50 About her life coaching community and podcast
35:00 When you want to be a good leader and step into that role, you are letting go


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