Brad Brockbank was born and raised in Lehi, Utah and served a mission in Salvador, Brazil. He attended the University of Utah, graduated with a BA in History, and has worked for Zions Bank in various positions for 18 years. Brad has served in the Church as a Sunday School teacher, in the nursery and Primary, as executive secretary, in elders quorum as a counselor, secretary, and president, and was recently called to be a counselor in his ward’s bishopric. Brad and his wife Julie have been married for 19 years, live in Star, Idaho, and have four children.


4:30 Transitioning into the role of elders quorum president and learning to rely on the Spirit
Principles of Leadership:

  1. Listen to Minister 5:20
    • Checking things off the lists can get in the way of listening
    • We can Hear Him through others as we engage and listen
  2. Stagnant Water Loses its Purity 7:10
    • Involving others to continue to progress
  3. Don’t Inhale 9:00
    • Elder Faust’s advice to recognize that great things happen because of God, not because of what we have done
  4. Priesthood Keys are Real and Meant to be Used 11:15
    • Leaving a blessing or promise with those you lead

14:30 Being open and vulnerable as a quorum

  • Creating a culture of sharing and celebrating success over addiction with the quorum
  • Sharing redemption will strengthen others
  • 21:30 Listening and building trust will help with understanding
  • Building relationships creates opportunities for support in many areas

25:20 Leading has helped him learn to rely on Jesus Christ and how much the Lord loves each individual


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