Denis Grinevicius was a young teen when Lithuania broke from the USSR and become an independent country in 1993. Shortly afterward, as previously-forbidden religion became available, his family met the missionaries and he and his mother were baptized. Because the branch was small, he has had many opportunities to serve. He has been an elders quorum counselor and president multiple times, a branch counselor and president (twice), a district president and counselor, and a counselor in the mission presidency. Denis served in the Scotland Edinburgh mission and met his wife Nadezda at a youth conference in Moscow. They are the parents of three children.
Denis Grinevicius' branch presidency


4:30 About the Church in Lithuania; his conversion and Church service experience
11:20 Church experience with Covid
12:50 Care more about what the Lord will think and not what people think
14:30 Just do your best even when it’s overwhelming
15:35 Never complain
17:30 Find joy in the service or re-evaluate what you are doing
18:45 Training the youth or training your replacement

  • Trust the youth and give them opportunities to serve
  • 23:00 Allow them to participate in presidency meetings so they learn from experience

25:00 Loving the people

  • It can be easier to love than to accept love, but choosing to love people breaks down barriers
  • Sometimes correcting people causes more harm than what we are trying to correct

30:30 Leadership in the Church is not like leadership in the world; his service helps him understand how the Lord served


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