Donald Kelly has served as a bishop, executive secretary, Sunday School teacher, YSA representative, and in an elders quorum presidency. He joined the Church as a teenager, served a mission in Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing. He is the founder and CEO of The Sales Evangelist sales training organization in South Florida, and host of The Sales Evangelist podcast.


3:40 What his organization does teaching sales principles as business consultants
4:35 His conversion story and convincing his mother to allow him to be baptized and serve a mission
10:40 Calling as a bishop at age 31
12:00 The challenge of developing leaders in the Church

  • Coaching from both excellent examples and learning experiences
  • Being intentional about mentoring other leaders so they can develop and stand on their own
  • 18:00 A letter and binder of information for newly-called leaders
  • 20:00 Emphasis on one-on-one interviews to identify challenges and offer guidance

21:20 Details about how they created and used the binders and instructional videos for new leaders to transition between individuals in callings
31:30 Details about using one-on-one interviews to counsel together and empower leaders in the ward
34:50 Including counselors in ward councils to share the burden and help develop their leadership skills
40:40 Never assuming understanding
44:00 Gained a greater understanding of the Atonement and a richer study of the scriptures

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