In this episode, Kurt talks with Assembly of God Pastor David Jayne, an Associate Pastor at Central Assembly of God in Springfield, Missouri. He holds a Master’s degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and has been a credentialed minister for over 45 years. Pastor Jayne is the congregation’s Pastoral Care and Community Engagement pastor and also serves on community task forces and advisory councils.


6:15 About the Central Assembly Church and the Assembly of God: a cooperative fellowship of churches

  • 10:00 Perspectives can vary but they all adhere to the core values and fundamental truths
  • At Central Assembly, a team of pastors cover different areas of the ministry in the church
  • The licensing and ordination process

14:45 About his pastoral care and community engagement responsibilities
19:30 Drawing out the needs from individuals

  • Learning new skills, such as monitoring social media activity
  • Meeting with people in the lobby at church
  • Distinguishing the need from the details

25:10 Visiting at homes

  • Never knock on the door unannounced
  • Keep the visit short
  • Be sensitive to their boundaries

31:00 Visiting the sick

  • In a hospital, assess and keep it short
  • Pray with them and for God’s will
  • Monitor visiting and contact options
  • Coordinating funerals and helping with services as needed
  • Creative meeting options in a pandemic

39:20 Working with homeless people
42:45 Leaders are also followers and want others to share the experience of following Jesus Christ


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