Jason Mount is a medical doctor practicing emergency medicine in Georgia, originally from California. He is near the end of his third year serving as a bishop, after previously serving as a counselor in the bishopric.


5:20 Calling as bishop
8:20 Making calls as the bishop: sometimes the Lord leaves the decision to him
10:50 Demographics of his ward
12:35 Principles of servant leadership he has applied as a bishop

  • 13:50 Learned the principle of servant leadership that “whatever works for them, works for me”
  • 15:50 Habits of being a servant leader as a bishop: makes a greater effort to be more accommodating with his schedule
  • 16:50 Refers to his office as “The Bishop’s Office”
  • 18:00 Personal prayer before leaving home to serve as bishop: “What would you say? And I will say it”

19:30 General advice is not always the best advice: taking it case-by-case
21:30 Drawing boundaries and delegating: doesn’t give out his cell number, food orders through Relief Society President, interviews
24:30 The Lord can use different types of leaders to do the same calling
27:25 Experience as a ward mission leader, learning to report back on his calling
32:30 The insight as a leader to see others as the Lord sees us is humbling and gives hope

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