Paul Barker is currently serving as 1st counselor in a Young Single Adult (YSA) Stake in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He has also served in a few bishoprics, and as a bishop. In this episode we focus on the unique characteristics of being a leader in a YSA stake and how these stakes are more elite compared to conventional family wards. We also discuss the unique approaches to home teaching, how activities play an important role in YSA wards, and how to appeal to those that don’t enjoy large social activities.

Paul’s 5 Leadership Principles

  1. Define the Objective: What is the goal or purpose?
  2. Counsel: It takes two or more to counsel.
  3. Plan: Draw up plans and specifications.  In other words Build Spiritually.  (Moses 2:5)
  4. Build: Build physically, “by the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,”…
  5. Watch it Until it Obeys: Make adjustments as necessary to fulfill the purpose of its creation.
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