Keith Wonnacott is a former bishop, currently serving as Stake Young Men’s president as a member of his stake High Council. He lives in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C., and works in regulatory affairs for Pfizer. In this podcast he talks about a fifth Sunday presentation he did while serving as bishop, how it came about, and how parents can help lead their children through difficult conversations.


3:00 How Brother Wonnacott came to have difficult conversations with his sons and learned how to help parents have difficult conversations with their kids.
LDS Handbook Section “Parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their children the gospel of Jesus Christ. They help their children grow spiritually and prepare to make and keep sacred covenants. Parents also counsel with their children regarding worthiness and help them repent and improve. Bishops and other church leaders support parents in these efforts.”
6:35 The bishop is a resource for parents to help facilitate difficult conversations. The interview questions for missionaries has been published and parents can view these questions ahead of time to help their child prepare for the interview.
9:45 Role play during a 5th Sunday lesson to parents helps them to prepare and see an example of how to approach difficult subjects with their child.
12:45 Realizing that Plan A doesn’t exist, and Play B is about being and imperfect human being who needs repentance and the Atonement.
15:15 Sample conversation with your child. Brother Wonnacott gives many great questions to ask your child.
19:45 The child will “spotlight” and test the adult to see how trustworthy they are. They are testing the waters to see how you will react.
24:50 Dealing with feelings of failure as a parent when you find out information about your child.
27:40 How to craft a plan to help your child.
31:40 Shifting in your parenting as your child gets older and how to support them as they grow.
35:10 Inviting the parents to have planned conversations with their children.
39:00 Questions from the live audience on Facebook


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