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Warwick & Samantha Allen live on the east coast of Australia in beautiful city of Brisbane. Warwick is currently serving as the bishop or his ward and his wife Samantha is a great support and has many years of leadership service herself. In this episode we learn about their unique background of gaining a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ while dealing with growing up in a home impacted by divorce. We talked with Samantha about how her single-parent family was supported by her ward. Warwick talks about his awkward experience in the youth program and how it lead him to go inactive in the church for more than 14 years. His story of returning to the gospel will inspire all who listen to it and then how he has developed his leadership ability to lead his ward for the past six years.

The Allen’s 5… 6 Principles of Leadership:

  1. Lead from Behind
  2. Love Your Counselors
  3. Embrace Your Sisters
  4. Show the Members Your Heart
  5. Impart Confidence and Optimism
  6. Tomorrow is Another Day

LDS Church in Australia

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