Nick Greer has been interested in all kinds of business and helping others his entire life. After serving a mission in Romania, Nick finished a degree in Finance at Brigham Young University and later shared his business-building passion as an adjunct professor. He has started multiple businesses, including Skipio–a customer-messaging platform—and Built Bar—low-calorie, high-protein bars that taste like candy. Nick and his wife, Deborah, also created the Five12 Foundation that provides a weekend meal backpack that feeds thousands of children in his community every week. Over 50,000 bags of food will be provided to kids this school year. Nick and Deborah have seven children, who Nick loves to travel and spend time with. He is currently serving as a bishop.


4:45 Nick’s principle of “Me too doesn’t work”. You can’t do the work the same way that it has always been done.

12:30 We are scared to do things differently. If you are comfortable, maybe you need to get a little uncomfortable. If you are safe then maybe you need to get a little unsafe.

15:15 Nick’s “Attack mode” means to be able to attack anything at any time. Letting go of tradition and accepting change. Be ready to act.

18:45 Nick’s attack mode and how it applies to our church callings.

21:00 Culture is everything. It makes you feel something.

24:00 Do we have a culture of love in our wards? Do people feel love when they walk in the doors?

30:00 Dealing with conflict in leadership.

32:30 Belief structures and creating wins for everyone.

43:30 The Bishop’s main focus is on the young men and young women.

47:30 Help the youth have a vision and rise up. Let them paint the vision but you help them make the plan and explain the why.

49:30 There are two types of leadership: Transactional leadership and transformational leadership.

51:30 Let youth paint their vision and then they will fight for it. If you do it for them then they will most likely resist it.

52:15 How Nick delegates as a bishop and relies on the Relief Society president and the elders quorum president so that he has time for his family.

54:00 The most important part of repentance is willingness to talk and change.

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