Tyson Bradley is the future #1 New York Times bestselling author of the book Reclaim Your Inherent Identity: The 5 Steps To Bypass Your Brain and Create Lasting Change Instantly. He has studied mindset and behavior change over the past 10 years and has finally cracked the code on the fastest way to make habits happen. Tyson has a masters in Human Resources and an MBA. He is a certified life coach and specializes in time management, identity-based habit creation, and teaching people the skill of neuro-bypassing.

Tyson has served as an elders quorum president, stake executive secretary, and currently serves as a ministering secretary. He is happily married and the proud father of two redheaded girls and one brown-headed boy.


02:00 Introduction to Tyson Bradley and his work as a neuro bypassing coach.

04:40 Tyson talks about what he sees most with the people that he coaches and what a lot of people are struggling with.

10:15 Tyson’s manuscript that he uses in coaching. It’s not for sale but part of a membership he has for those he coaches.

13:20 We need to start focusing more on identity.

14:40 Inherent Identity method. Also called the I AM ME method. They use Kurt’s calling as an example of how to apply this method.

15:00 I is for Ideal. What is the ideal version of this experience? It could be a goal or a church calling that you really want to improve on.

19:40 A is for Amplify. Take your ideal and amplify it. A lot of times we think small but this helps us to think big.

27:00 M is for movement. What is the next step I need to take?

33:45 M is for Manifesto. Take the action and create it into an identity statement. Identity statements always start with I am… An I am statement needs to be paired with doing something.

40:50 E is for Evoke. Evoke is like to remember. Remember our identity.

49:30 Tyson guides us through the I am me method.

  • Ideal – What would you love to experience? What’s your ideal?
  • Amplify – What would be the 10x or dramatized version of your ideal? Visualize it. Take time to be grateful for it.
  • Movement – what is my next step? What is the one thing I need to do next?
  • Manifesto – creating your action step and turning it into an identity.
  • Evoke – Wake up in the morning and remind yourself of who you are and your true identity everyday.

53:30 Tyson encourages people to change the way they pray. One way that Tyson likes to change his prayers is by writing his prayers down. Kurt writes down 3 gratitudes and 3 glories to God that helps his prayers be more meaningful.

57:50 Tyson shares his testimony and final thoughts on leadership and Jesus Christ.


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