Dan Duckworth is a disciple, family man, and changemaker. As a teacher and coach, he guides elite leaders to the top of their game. He’s the author of Stop Asking Why: Your Purpose is Self-Evident, a frequent contributor to Leading Saints, and a member of its Board of Directors. Kurt Francom is the Executive Director of Leading Saints.

In this podcast, Kurt and Dan open up the conversation to address leadership issues stemming from political and social tensions in the world.

Dan Duckworth


6:30 Scenario: A Relief Society President is worried about the political dynamic and divide in her ward due to COVID-19.

11:15 Politics are beginning to affect our church experience. There is starting to be a division in many wards. Leaders should bring up the problems and open up discussion instead of being passive.

19:45 Political issues are not only creating problems in our wards but also in families.

21:30 Leaders try to avoid having conflict and keep the peace. As leaders we want to be peacemakers but we need to be changemakers. Many times making trouble and change can bring about peace.

26:30 How do we go about addressing these political issues?

  • Open up discussion with the whole group despite the discomfort. It’s so important to listen to each other.
  • Be authentic. Talk about feelings opposed to “I’m right and you’re wrong”.
  • There may be a need to talk to specific people privately about political comments.

29:50 Start having consistent, open conversations. Don’t wait for a huge issue to have the conversations. Our classes at church should be a place to connect and be open.

31:00 There will be situations that you need to address with the community but there might also be situations where it might be more appropriate to address an individual one-on-one.

32:30 How to set boundaries with members who create tension and make politically motivated comments at church.

37:50 Our goal is not just to censor or shut someone down to avoid conflict but it’s to help them grow and create unity in the ward.

40:45 When bringing up issues in class, the goal of the leader is not to talk at people but to invite others to join the conversation.

44:20 Conclusion: There is no right answer to dealing with these leadership challenges. Keep praying and learning.


Clarifying Values PDF, from The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris
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Connect with Dan at https://danduckworth.net
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