Evan Fitzpatrick is the founder of the Come Follow Me App. He is a husband and father of four girls, and for the past ten years has served in several bishoprics and with the young men. Professionally, Evan works for Bain Capital helping to lead the firm’s efforts to drive growth and transformation in their portfolio companies.


1:30 Evan created the Come Follow Me app.

4:15 How the Come Follow Me app came about

9:15 Other communities/religions are driving innovation and creating apps. Why aren’t we?

13:00 The Come Follow Me app is directed towards members that struggle with the habit of daily scripture study. Even if the study is 5 to 15 minutes.

14:15 The most popular part of the app is the verse of the day that is accompanied by a story.

15:30 Another feature of the app is the devotional section. It’s designed to do it with someone else.

16:25 Another large part of the app is pulling content from many different creators. Lessons for adults and kids.

25:00 “The quality of your life largely depends on the quality of your questions.” What’s the question that you are trying to answer?

27:00 Whatever leadership role you have you should be asking a lot of questions. Focus on asking questions, not giving answers. Questions help you get input from others.

28:30 Asking questions in context of marriage and children

31:00 Questions to ask your kids

32:45 It can be effective to ask questions in advance. For example, if you are having a meeting then ask the question a few days in advance so that people actually have time to ponder it.

37:30 What do the members of my class or organization need right now? It’s not about what you want to share but what they want and need.

41:45 Evan’s favorite question: How would I rather be wrong?

45:45 Where am I giving my best self?

47:15 Ministering should come first and administration second.

50:00 How would my view change if I knew another person was acting rationally and had good intentions?


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