Jodi Taylor lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband and children, where they both work in real estate development. She is currently Coordinating Council Director of Public Affairs in the area. The coordinating council is responsible for building bridges in our communities, taking the ideas of ministering outside and into our neighborhoods to expand how the church works with community groups.


7:20 Jodi explains what the church is like in Anchorage.
8:35 Role of stake public affairs to help the stake leaders—but not just within their own boundaries.
The coordinating council is there to help the stake public affairs to meet their goals. The public affairs department are the opinion leaders for the area.
10:10 She presents some general principles on how we can be involved in our communities
11:10 Jodi presents a story of stake and community involvement as a family and their coordinating council. She encourages all to find ways to be involved—find a need and fill it.
13:50 How we can find common ground and how the coordinating council helped with the evolution of discussions and changes within the LGBT community and legislation.
Importance of knowing key people who can get to know you and trust you. She describes relationships built and a summit that was held to bring experts together.
24:15 It is important to have a dialogue. There are ways to bring our beliefs in the Savior into the activities we are involved in. We all have the ability to make change by doing what matters to us and what matters to others.
25:50 Find an issue that matters to someone else
28:20 We must talk openly about our faith
30:20 Jodi shares story of her teenage daughter who got involved to cause change. We can help make change no matter our age. Utilize social media.
38:55 How you bring something up to others will determine if they will listen. We should acknowledge pain/hurt and concerns—they will listen. The time to be involved is NOW.
42:30 Jody addresses public affairs and politics
45:30 Everyone should get involved. God has designed a role for each of us to add light to our communities. We shouldn’t just pray for the Lord to provide opportunities but we should actively seek them out.
46:45 “It has expanded my understanding of my brothers and sisters and I appreciate the good that each person brings.”

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