Jeff Mask is a business growth and leadership expert, international speaker, and CEO coach to some of the best and brightest business minds around the world. At church he has loved serving the youth in his wards and stakes from California, Arizona, and Utah over the past 20 years. He is currently the Stake Mission Preparation teacher for his stake. Jeff and his wife are the parents of four children.


5:00 Jeff’s purpose and work coaching CEOs
7:00 Getting past imposter syndrome: relying on the Lord
8:50 Continual learning and always striving to be the best he can be
12:00 Coaching leaders so they don’t “lose their soul”

  • Losing sight of the big picture
  • The principle of temperance in all things: the slow evolution into being consumed
  • Slipping away from the morning routines
  • Allowing fear to replace faith: the fears most humans have of not being good enough or of being rejected
  • 18:35 Using the five layers of “why” to get to the root of what is holding them back

20:10 Advice to those working with leaders who are showing fear

  • Be humble
  • Have empathy
  • Ask them questions to get to a different place

22:50 Advice for the leaders who see themselves acting from a place of fear
Three R’s he coaches about in mindset

  1. Recognize that’s where you are: simply acknowledge it and don’t judge or run from it
  2. Replace with a powerful statement
  3. Recite your statement out loud

32:30 Inspired and inspiring meetings

  1. Make it a transformative experience: frame the meeting as a revelatory experience
  2. 34:10 Get clear on the purpose and agenda of the meeting
  3. 43:30 Mix it up: let others fill different roles

45:20 Inspiring people: rooted in love

  • Ask yourself, How have I as the leader contributed to their behavior?
  • If I don’t like someone, I don’t know them well enough yet
  • 48:30 Love individually and you can inspire greatly

53:15 Fear, duty, and love are the true motivators: Making love the motivator is energizing, but duty and fear break us down
56:20 The Helaman Principle for leading the youth

  • Helaman had a vision of them and for them
  • When they lead they rise

1:01:30 No one has it all figured out; vulnerability is powerful; the most powerful leaders combine humility with courage and vision
1:03:40 Coaching another leader

  • See the worth and value of the individual and work to extract their genius
  • Ask inspired questions

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