Worth the Wrestle is a book addressed to doubters within the LDS Church. The author, Sheri Dew brings an excellent and very personal perspective to bear on the problem. Many people have criticized the LDS Church for not being very accepting of people outside of the mainstream, where in this case the mainstream is the standard nuclear family of a husband, wife and several children. Sister Dew has never been married and speaks frankly of the challenges that have come from this unfulfilled desire:
My life has been filled with spiritual wrestling—not because of any great valor on my part but because I have yearned to understand why certain things were happening to me, and why others were not. For decades I have fasted, prayed, and pleaded for a husband. I’ve asked who he is, where he is, and when he’s coming. As of this writing, I still don’t know the answer to any of those questions. But the wrestle has blessed me with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that His gospel is filled with power, and that God will talk to and direct me.
It is passages like these, where Sister Dew, frankly shares here own challenges, that really made the book great. Sister Dew is not only someone who has dealt with most of the problems that we all struggle with, but she’s also been blessed to interact with the leaders of the church on frequent and personal basis. Giving her insight not only into doubt, but how the leaders of the church are dealing with doubt through love and sincere prayer.
I have read several books targeted at members who were doubting and I think out of all of them I would probably start with this book. Sister Dew writes in an genuine and accessible style, but most of all she writes with love.

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