Have you ever heard a great comment from one of our prophets, apostles or general Church leaders that resonates with your soul in a way that you feel compelled to share? Many times I’ve felt like my love of the gospel is going to just burst out of me, but now that I’m no longer a full-time missionary I don’t feel like I have a venue to share these sacred messages at a moment’s notice. Yes, I have opportunities to share with friends, family, business associates and more, but there are times I just want to forward a glimmer of inspiration I received in a simple, easy yet powerful way. These “glimmers” are like the heavenly rays that Elder Dushku mentioned in his April 2024 conference talk, “Pillars and Rays.” He said:

“…there are many ways to receive heavenly rays of testimony.”

When glimmers, or rays, impact our heart, it’s natural to have a desire to share them with those we know and love. Just as Elder Dushku explained, as the rays are unfolded again and agai, it turns into our own personal pillar of light and, again, that’s something we may feel compelled to share.

Thus, I am so grateful I was listening to a Leading Saints podcast with host Kurt Francom and Kempe Nicoll. They discussed how we can become an influencer instead of just a consumer on social media by offering “rays” of inspired quotes or thoughts.

Just Amplify Content

The challenge of sharing these glimmers is knowing how to do it in a simple and impactful way. Sometimes I use my limited creative skills and create an image with the quote and then share that on social media. But there are times I don’t have the time or skills to create them consistently.

Nicoll suggested that there are plenty of content creators out in the world, so we can instead “amplify” the content that touches our hearts. He even has things in place that we can like, share and comment on through his “Declare My Word” efforts.

Additionally, if you are looking for simple, meaningful, and spiritual social media content, the Church’s social media channels can help.

Write a Google Review

When I explored the Church’s suggestions on sharing content, one thing they suggested was to write a Google review. Yes, my mind did a double take and thought, “What?” Then I realized that in our efforts to offer resources of hope and inspiration, our weekly church meetings are a great place to invite folks. By writing a review, it’s helpful for when people are looking for a church to attend, the more reviews the better.

It took me about two minutes to follow the link, ponder on and write a short review, and give my ward a five-star rating. Boom! I’m back to being a missionary but in a digital way.

Hmm. Me, a digital missionary, and I didn’t even have to apply or get a physical exam. Easy and inspiring.

Nicoll suggested that:

“And if we can be a digital missionary and share the gospel there, people will get engaged. And there’s been a lot of good experiences and blessings that have come from it.”

Set Aside the Numbers

When we talk social media, it’s important we remember that other people liking, following, or sharing our content isn’t the goal. If what we share is seen and felt by even just one person, that’s one person who receives a glimmer of hope, healing, and possibly a gentle nudge to take additional steps to have another and another glimmer of hope. Nicoll encouraged us to not get caught up in the numbers on social media, instead realize the impact we could have, if:

“You have an opportunity to share your testimony to a hundred people, that’s huge.”

Again, imagine the ripple effect that occurs when just one heart is impacted. Then they may experience a day, a week, or a life with a change that will impact their trajectory as well as everyone they come into contact with.

Frequency of Sharing

Some of us have more time than others. Additionally, when we are touched by a prophetic comment or teaching, we want to flood the earth with the good news. However, being both intentional and inspired is important so that our messages are not diluted due to overactivity. So how often should we share these messages?

Nicoll offers a great suggestion on frequency:

“You know, there’s seven days in the week, and one of ’em is, we go to church, we should be comfortable on a Monday to say, this is what I did on Sunday. And then on Tuesday we talked about going to the play at the park.”

Moments Not Just Messages

Perhaps you’ve had experiences like me where you not only had a glimmer moment, but because of additional study and contemplation, it grew into a pillar of light moment. Those moments are deeply sacred to us and often difficult to express in a meaningful way. Yet it’s valuable to remember that those moments are gifts we have qualified for and received. But that doesn’t mean we can share something related to that moment that can pass on a glimmer to someone else. Thus, its not just the message, it’s the inspired moments that we share.

Guiding Our Experts

Here is another grand idea that was mentioned in the podcast: engage and guide our youth. Our youth truly are the experts on all the ins and outs of social media. To help them have less scrolling time and more digital missionary time, how about using a youth activity to walk them through great ways to flood the earth with positive messages?

With a little coaching from leaders, quorum and class presidencies could easily expand on this topic in a powerful way. This added measure of guidance not only benefits our youth, but the lives of those they touch. It increases the opportunity for soul stretching experiences—experiences that Elder Pieper testified are of great importance:

“Good teachers and coaches know that intellectual growth and physical strength can happen only when minds and muscles are stretched. Likewise, God invites us to grow by trusting His spiritual tutoring through soul-stretching experiences.”

I know that I’ve been blessed with “spiritual tutoring” as I’ve acted upon promptings to share messages of love and hope.

Watch Our Words

I’m reminded of the guidance King Benjamin gave his people in learning how to receive revelation:

“But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not.” Mosiah 4:30

One of his admonitions was to “watch our words.” I used to only take that as being sure my words were kind and Christ-like, and that is important. But as I consider the importance of amplifying our words on social media, that scripture now has an added meaning as I seek revelation on ways to amplify the words that have impacted my heart and life for good. Additionally, how many of Father’s children have “perished” spiritually due to lack of nourishment? Here is our opportunity to not only feed our soul, but feed the souls of those who cross our path each day in person and on social media.

I echo the invitation that Elder Gary E. Stevenson offered at the 2017 Women’s Conference,

“May each of you have the courage to blog, pin, like, share, post, friend, tweet, snap, and swipe up in a way that will glorify, honor and respect the will of our loving Heavenly Father.”

Beth Young is a convert of 46 years; served a mission in North Carolina; has been married for 36 years to her sweetheart, Bob; has five adult children and two grandchildren. She raised her family in Texas for 25 years where she served in various capacities in church and in her community. She moved to Utah six years ago and loves writing, teaching, and inspiring others to make changes to their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Beth is the owner of 5 Pillars of Health, serves as the written content manager at Leading Saints, and is a master gardener.

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