Becket Cook grew up in Dallas, Texas, in a large Catholic family, and recognized at a young age that he experienced same-sex attraction. After living a gay lifestyle in Hollywood culture, he began to feel a sense of overwhelming emptiness in his life. A powerful spiritual experience in an evangelical church led to a dramatic lifestyle change, embracing Jesus Christ as his Savior, and finding fulfillment identifying as a Christian. Becket is now an author, speaker, and preacher, and will be speaking at the North Star Conference, March 5-7, 2020.


10:50 Growing up in Dallas, recognizing his same-sex attraction, and exploring gay culture

13:15 Identifying as a gay man and disconnecting from Christianity

16:00 Moved to Los Angeles and fit in with friends having a Hollywood experience

18:30 Wondering about the meaning of life and discovering a sense of emptiness

21:00 Met a group of Evangelical Christians in Los Angeles and started questioning the foundations of his life

23:30 Attended Church, felt the Spirit during the sermon, and had a powerful born-again experience during worship time and again at home after

27:30 Immediately dismissed a gay lifestyle and welcomed Christ into his life

29:10 Wrote a book, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption, and was blacklisted in Hollywood

30:40 Basked in the grace of God for the first year, and recognizes now that struggles are part of sanctification and he can turn to Jesus for support through difficulty

34:25 His life is no longer dominated by his sexual appetite; comparison with Esau selling his birthright

36:35 The gay culture is so powerful and needs to be countered with the armor of God that comes from daily immersion in scripture and prayer, and in a community where others can help you and pray for you in the body of Christ

39:00 What difference would it make if we turned to scripture like we turn to Instagram?

40:40 Paul prayed for the thorn to be taken from his flesh and it wasn’t, but all he cared about was the gospel of Jesus Christ; the struggle and tension in life is worth it

42:40 The fulfillment of powerful prayer and abiding in Christ brings joy that enriches and renews; a daily practice bring results and not spending time in spiritual discipline means missing out on those results; sees his own mission to teach

49:00 Unconditionally loving people is a long process and leaders need to balance grace and truth, being as loving as possible as individuals go through their own process, showing compassion instead of preaching to them

52:20 He chooses to not put himself into situations that are dangerous and has embraced new Christian friends, but keeps the door open for his old friends so they know he is still there for them and still loves them

55:30 Identifying as gay vs. identifying as a Christian; shaping of identity by how we label ourselves

58:45 His book isn’t just for people who experience same-sex attraction

1:00:15 After being in the dark for so long, he can now see the emptiness and the contrast with the miraculous change in himself


A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption, by Becket Cook
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